CCNA Voice
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CCNA Voice Official Exam Certification Guide

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Part I Voice Perspectives

Chapter 1 Perspectives on Voice Before Convergence

Chapter 2 Perspectives on Voice After Convergence

Part II Unified Voice Using Call Manager Express

Chapter 3 Connecting IP Phones to the LAN Infrastructure

Chapter 4 Installing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

Chapter 5 Basic CME IP Phone Configuration

Chapter 6 Configuring Cisco Unified CME Voice Productivity Feature

Part III Connecting via Gateways and Trunks

Chapter 7 Gateway and Trunk Concepts

Chapter 8 Configuring and Verifying Gateways and Trunks

Part IV Voice Mail with Cisco Unity Express

Chapter 9 Cisco Unity Express Concepts

Chapter 10 Cisco Unity Express Configuration

Part V The Smart Business Communications System Suite

Chapter 11 Introducing the Smart Business Communications System

Chapter 12 Configuring and Maintaining the UC500 Series for Voice

Chapter 13 Final Preparation


نویسندگان: Jeremy Cioara, Michael J. Cavanaugh, Kris A. Krake

ناشر: Cisco Press

سال نشر: 2011

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