Hacking For Dummies 5th Edition
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Hacking For Dummies-5th Edition

Hacking For Dummies 5th Edition

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Part I: Building the Foundation for Security Testing

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Chapter 2: Cracking the Hacker Mindset

Chapter 3: Developing Your Ethical Hacking Plan

Chapter 4: Hacking Methodology

Part II: Putting Security Testing in Motion

Chapter 5: Information Gathering

Chapter 6: Social Engineering

Chapter 7: Physical Security

Chapter 8: Passwords

Part III: Hacking Network Hosts

Chapter 9: Network Infrastructure Systems

Chapter 10: Wireless Networks

Chapter 11: Mobile Devices

Part IV: Hacking Operating Systems

Chapter 12: Windows

Chapter 13: Linux

Part V: Hacking Applications

Chapter 14: Communication and Messaging Systems

Chapter 15: Web Applications and Mobile Apps

Chapter 16: Databases and Storage Systems

Part VI: Security Testing Aftermath

Chapter 17: Reporting Your Results

Chapter 18: Plugging Security Holes

Chapter 19: Managing Security Processes

Part VII: The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten Tips for Getting Security Buy-In

Chapter 21: Ten Reasons Hacking Is the Only Effective Way to Test

Chapter 22: Ten Deadly Mistakes


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