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MikroTik Certified Network Associate MTCNA

نام استاندارد: MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)

کد استاندارد: 1-100-53-2523

تاریخ تدوین استاندارد: 2015/10/13

MTCNA is the entrance of MikroTik World. In comparison to CISCO , it is similar to CCNA. The holder of MTCNA Certification knows general MikroTik technology. By  the  end  of  this  training  session,  the  student  will  be  familiar  with  RouterOS  software  and RouterBoard  products.    He  will  also  be  able  to  configure,  manage,  do  basic  troubleshooting  of  a MikroTik router and provide basic services to clients.  The holder of MTCNA certification have following proficiency :

  • To investigate a scenario and estimate a proper MikroTik hard ware for implementing the network.
  • Will have  the  ability  to  connect  to  the  RouterBOARD  by  any method  like Terminal  and  Winbox and configure the basic items like IP Address, Default route, RouterBOARD Identity.
  • Will have the ability to fully utilize the Winbox’s features.
  • Will Have the ability to Netinstall, Upgrade and downgrade routerboard’s OS (RouterOS)
  • Will have the ability to create a Backup and Restore it if necessary.
  • Will have  the  ability  to  Understand  MikroTik’s  license  level  to  choose  the  right  license  for  each scenario.
  • Will have the ability to configure the static routes as well as Default route.
  • Will have the ability to use MikroTik as a Layer2 and Layer 3 switch.
  • Will have the ability to Run Network’s necessary service like DHCP, DNS, and NAT.
  • Will have a basic knowledge of firewall’s concept.  Will Run a basic firewall and related service like NAT
  • Will have  the  ability  to  configure  firewall  (Both  Layer2  and  layer3  firewall)  on  RouterOS  to achieve network security.
  • Will have a basic understanding of QoS concepts and queue parameters.
  • Will have the ability to Run a simple queue and manage user’s bandwidth.
  • Will Have a basic understanding of Tunnels and their usage
  • Will have the ability to implement layer 2 and layer 3 tunnel.
  • Will have a basic understanding of wireless network’s concepts.
  • Will have the ability to set up a basic wireless network by MikroTik Devices.

پیش نیازهای دوره:

minimum degree of education: Post first year of high school

minimum physical and mental ability:

prerequisite skills: CompTIA Network+

Course duration : 64  hours

Introduction and MikroTik Basics1
Network Management5





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